Thermogram CPT Code Replacement 2009

Question: Are there any replacement codes for 93760 and 93762? Can these codes be billed at all?

Answer: These two codes, 93760 (thermogram, cephalic) and 93762 (thermogram, peripheral), were deleted as of 12/31/09, and no replacement code was given. However, these services can now be captured under 93740 Temperature Gradient Studies.

Thermograms were highly touted by many in the mid 2000's as a great tool to use in conjunction with mammograms to help detect breast cancer, with some studies showing a 95% success rate. However, The American Medical Association, the American College of Radiology, and American College of Neurology have issued policy statements and other documents that neither recommend nor endorse thermography as a diagnostic tool. Not only that, but in the 2003 American Cancer Society Guidelines for Breast Cancer Screening, thermography was classified as a method that was ineffective as a screening tool based on the clinical evidence.

This is why it was ultimately deleted as an independent test, but as it's still performed by many physicians, it was decided that these tests could be captured under 93740. Fitness Equipment Store