Many years ago I lost my job as business office manager at a medium sized hospital in the central New York area. I challenged it in court and after a lengthy trial I lost, which was expected because it was a case against the city, a city lawyer represented the hospital and a city judge […]

I originally wrote this article in 1998 and had it published in an organizational magazine. It’s meant to be both a tongue and cheek look at medical billing as well as part of the reality of what some patient accounting directors deal with on a daily basis. highwaysengland via Compfight One of the difficulties all […]

I feel for you, patient accounting directors, office managers, supervisors, billers, registration folks, collectors, etc. In today’s tough healthcare economy, upper management keeps trying to find ways to reduce staff yet increase productivity. Not that life was simpler when everything was billed on paper, but it’s harder these days to get a bill out correctly […]