Patient Accounting

I often talk about a hospital’s charge master as the respiratory system of a hospital. I now have to admit that’s a bit biased and not quite correct. Whereas it’s way more important that many C-level executives believe it is, it’s the entire revenue cycle that is more like the respiratory system. This is part […]

Many years ago I lost my job as business office manager at a medium sized hospital in the central New York area. I challenged it in court and after a lengthy trial I lost, which was expected because it was a case against the city, a city lawyer represented the hospital and a city judge […]

This is not only the final day of all my marketing for products and services but the last new post of the week on the subject. It’s been a wild week and I’m looking forward to great things as time goes on. In my last post titled Medical Billing Et Al… I shared the other […]

It’s time for someone to stand up for the patient accounting manager, supervisor, director, team leader,… whatever position you happen to occupy at this point, stand up and give yourself a pat on the back from me. If I could, I’d round all of you up and take you all out to lunch at a […]

Some communities only have one hospital; some have many. Regardless, every one of them at some time has to address the issue of patient satisfaction. Whereas the rest of a facility has to deal more with patient care than their customer service issues, when it comes to patient accounting the entire thing has to do […]