Medical Billing

Many folks who become patient account directors come into the position at a major disadvantage. Being a patient accounting director means one of two things; either you’ve come up the ladder in your particular facility or you’re what I call a mercenary, meaning you have car and will travel. In the first case, you may […]

There’s always been this question about how effective taking patient surveys are when it pertains to hospital business office services. The concerns are interesting. One concern is that patients usually only comment on billing issues when things are going wrong. The other is that patients will be commenting on how they were treated in other […]

A major discussion these days is the cost of health care. Everyone from patients to politicians lament the cost of services charged to them by providers, hospitals, clinics… you name it, there’s a complaint. mallix via Compfight Over the past 10 years one of the biggest discussions revolves around something known as “price transparency”. This […]

I’ve been in the revenue cycle/medical billing field for over 30 years. I’ve been in leadership or consulting for most of those years. I feel this gives me pretty good perspectives on how things should work. Parker Knight via Compfight There’s no doubt that every year there are some kinds of changes because of insurance […]

I originally wrote this article in 1998 and had it published in an organizational magazine. It’s meant to be both a tongue and cheek look at medical billing as well as part of the reality of what some patient accounting directors deal with on a daily basis. highwaysengland via Compfight One of the difficulties all […]