Greetings, and welcome to Medical Billing Answers Blog; my name is Mitch Mitchell. I am a health care revenue cycle consultant, which means I understand the entire process from admissions through collections, charge master, compliance and revenue generation. I’ve been in health care more than 30 years.

This is part of a website called Medical Billing Answers that offers general answers about medical billing terms and information.  There are some articles on the main site about medical terms like diagnosis codes, procedures codes, etc.  This blog will answer questions specific to medical billing issues, some that readers and visitors might ask, some that I’m giving general information to because I feel people should know these things.

There is one difference here however.  Though the information shared here will be accurate, I will not answer all questions for free.  If there are questions from medical billing entities, business offices, physicians offices and the like, there will be a free unless it’s a very general question.

I will answer some patient questions in a blog post, no names used of course, but if anything requires research then that’s a consulting issue and it will require payment.

Why? Because when I initially created this site I answered every question that came to me, but some were very detailed and required research, and some people wanted proof via links and documents. That all takes time, and I’m not rich.

So, I welcome your questions and some of them will appear on the blog as a blog post.  Others, as I said, will require payment.  You can write me at and ask your question.

If I decide to write about it, there will be no charge.

If it’s a quick and easy answer and you’re not from a health care business there will be no charge.

There will be some advertisements in the sidebar and some links in the content, though not too many. You should be able to tell the difference between my linking to other content, some which might be in other blog posts or on the main site, or advertiser content by hovering over a link. Advertisers will help pay for some of my time and expenses.

Thank you for checking out Medical Billing Answers Blog.  If you want to know more about my business you can check out my main business page, T T Mitchell Consulting Inc. I’m always available for consulting and offer consulting packages.