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Welcome to Medical Billing Answers. This site covers generic and, sometimes, specific information related to medical billing, both from the perspective of patients and medical billing personnel. The generic information is meant to be easy to understand, because medical billing jargon can sometimes be very tough to understand.

We will have articles of all types, and we will link to information that can give more details of specific things you might be looking for. We will have articles that talk about the health care industry, most specifically the people whose job it is to try to bring money into the hospital, as well as different things people might want to learn about the health care revenue cycle process. We will try to help with terminology and other information; in other words, we hope to be somewhat of a think tank on issues like these. We have medical billing answers and information, and we will share this information with you.

We will also have articles on health issues, because no medical site is complete without looking at all aspects of health care. Some will offer advice, while others will tell you about things to look out for. We hope to make this site user friendly for everyone.

Who is this site for? It's for anyone looking for information on the insides of the medical billing process. That could be patients and it could be the people working in the field. It could be people working in physician's offices or clinics or hospitals. It could be someone working in what we call ancillary areas, those being the areas that provide the services. Or it could just be someone curious about what goes in in the financial area of the medical industry.

It's also for anyone looking for health information, things you might not find anywhere else. Our goal is to offer anything we can to provide information related to the health care industry, legitimate or not.

You will get usable information and truth here. We hope that Medical Billing Answers will help to give everyone the type of information they need to make informed decisions on both the financial side of their health care concerns, and on health concerns as well.

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